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Model Yacht Racing Club

Walk past the large pond on Manor campus any sunny afternoon from May to October and you’ll see the water dotted with colorful sails … and the banks of the pond dotted with enthusiastic members of Willow Valley’s Model Yacht Racing Club.

The Model Yacht Club was established for racing radio-controlled model sailboats. This yacht club competes with model sailboat clubs from other retirement communities. Most members have extensive real-world sailing experience, but prior sailing experience is not required, nor is it a guarantee of sailing success.

Members race Victoria-class sailboats. Victorias are about 30 inches long with a 43-inch mast. Some members purchase pre-made sailboats while others enjoy building their own model sailboat from a kit. It takes about 40 hours to build a model boat, depending on the building skills of the individual and detail involved in its finished appearance.

Members race their sailboats on Willow Valley’s large pond located on the scenic Manor Campus. They use an outbuilding near the pond to store materials, tools, and a row boat for retrieving stranded sailboats.

Racing is core to their activity because it encourages the skippers to practice and build their skills and to adjust their boats to make them sail faster. Individual races last about five-to-ten minutes and various courses are run around the eight buoys on the pond. The club invites anyone interested in learning more to join them on a race day.

Talk to a Sales Counselor to find out more about this and the more than 100 other clubs at Willow Valley Retirement Communities.

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