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Art Gallery

2014 Summer Exhibits


Richard Moore, ASMA

April 28 – June 13, 2014
Richard Moore, Lakes Resident, is primarily a marine artist. He is a charter member and past president of the American Society of Marine Artists. His work in oil and watercolor ranges from depicting the great ships of the past to the humble workboats of our coastal waters. He served five years in the U.S. Navy on both oceans as a line officer and chaplain, giving him firsthand experience with the sea in motion, for which he has become well-known. His paintings depicting the “Battle of the Atlantic” are the murals for the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry’s display of the German U-boat 505.


Joseph Duddling

June 23 – August 4, 2014
Joseph Dudding is a painter of people, places and things. His works whisper quietly and invite the viewer to relax and experience a little peace and beauty. Though realism never really lost popularity, it has been over-shadowed by experimental, non-representational art during this century. However, over the past few years, realism has begun a quiet but steady resurgence into the mainstream of contemporary art. Joseph considers himself a “non-apologetic” realist who is fervently devoted to promoting the academic or classical approach to impeccable draughtsmanship as a foundation for creating exciting and high-quality paintings.


Susan J. Gottlieb

Mixed Media
August 5 – September 22, 2014

Susan J. Gottlieb is a multi-media painter whose art is infused with exotic flavors, vibrant colors, and captivating tales of international travel. As a student and teacher of World Culture, Studio Arts, and Art History, her inspiration comes from completely immersing herself in a country’s people, symbols and heritage. Happiest as a solo traveler, she has lived and studied in Rome, Italy and continues to travel extensively for her own studies. She shows in central and south eastern Pennsylvania, Charleston, South Carolina, and Colorado. Locally, she regularly exhibits at Red Raven Art Gallery, and is a long time member of the Echo Valley Art Group.

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